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Looking to add a hint of elegance to your room? Then our European Tapestries category is the place for you. If you are looking to decorate your home with elegant French Tapestries, we have the largest assortment for you to choose from. Or maybe you are considering an old world theme for a room, and of course, we have the perfect tapestries for that as well.
Chi Rho Wall Hanging

We offer the largest selection of European tapestry wall hangings in the market. Our Italian Tapestry, French Tapestry and Old World Tapestry collection brings our customers a wide variety of unique European Tapestries. Our Italian Tapestry section offers the finest artwork Venice, Tuscany and all of the Mediterranean has to offer. All of our tapestries are woven with pure cotton yarn that came from Jacquard looms in the USA, and all of these masterpieces were inspired by original works of art. So browse through our endless assortment of European Tapestries, and bring that elegant touch to your room.

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